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      Enterprise spirit: Realistic, progressive, trustworthy
      Business purposes: Integrity base, loyalty highest, detail oriented
      Market concept: Mutual benefit on integrity, discipline and social commitment, innovation makes forward
      Corporate vision: Being first class staff, making first class product, creating first class enterprise.
      The company insists on the business philosophy of employee-oriented, customer-centric, pursuing excellence with innovation and developing on integrity to manage practically and innovatively. The company has made steady, healthy and rapid development.
      According to the international background of scare resources, sustainable development is the problem that every enterprise in every industry must face, especially for the chemical industry. On one hand, the company will continue to improve production technologies, reduce the dependence on scare resources, research and development more sustainable products, use the R & D budget to provide lighter, stronger, more durable and recyclable products for customers, and strive to consume less energy and raw materials in the manufacturing process.
      On the other hand, the company continued to establish a sound and effective coordination mechanism, implement embodiment of circular economy, promote the technology application and consulting services, steadily promote the development of circular economy. At the same time, guide the chemical enterprises to build a circular economy industry chain and fully recycle the raw materials by strengthening the technical transformation. 

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